Every Millennial’s Must Have Apartment List

I've finally gotten settled into my apartment and life is going is so well thus far. Whether you're getting your first apartment in a new city or changing apartments in a college town, here's a list of things that make living on your own (or with roommates) so much easier (and not break the bank!) [...]

Here’s To…

Here's to the times I almost walked away: I could no longer tell what was a passion or practiced and it ate slowly at me each and every I could no longer see who I was as a woman, a Black woman, a Black woman who was considered a leader I could not see the [...]

A Letter to Myself

**This piece was also featured on UGA Elite (eliteuga.com) To the scared me, It's okay. It's okay to finally be selfish because you've done everything you can for others. It's okay to step back and take time to focus on yourself, because what good are you if you are barely holding on? It's okay to say [...]