COVID Check In

A pandemic is still happening. It’s still happening and I had control for a while but now, I just feel stuck. Routine tasks are difficult to complete. Procrastination is at an all time high. My mom asked me what I was doing the other day. My response: avoiding all responsibilities. It’s a very weird place [...]

Thriving grad School 101 (Especially While Black)

"In grad school, you should thrive. Thrive in the areas that push you closer to whom you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to give. It won't always be pretty, but your program should be in line with the legacy and impact you want to leave. We're no longer just trying to survive Grad School; we're going to THRIVE and look and feel great doing it." This one is for all the graduate students, new or old! We're taking graduate school to new levels but first, I figured I give you a few keys for greatness.

Every Millennial’s Must Have Apartment List

I've finally gotten settled into my apartment and life is going is so well thus far. Whether you're getting your first apartment in a new city or changing apartments in a college town, here's a list of things that make living on your own (or with roommates) so much easier (and not break the bank!) [...]