How a Minimalist Mindset Became the Minimal Lifestyle

“As tempting as it was to redo my entire apartment with things that looked cute, I actually went through every section of my 600 sq ft home and made it my mission to create a space that creates peace for me”

Learn how I took a minimization from fashion to lifestyle. (Series Post)

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Your Health Is Wealth! Some tips for Easing Into A New Health Journey

Have you been thinking about changing your health and wellness? Do you want to lose a few pounds. gain some muscle or just overall feel better and have more energy? This post is for you. Not only will there be some tips to make your journey more beneficial, but there will also be some products that make the journey a lot less complicated!

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Recipe of the week: White Pizza

I’ve realized that so many people watch my stories on Instagram and always ask for a recipe. Sometimes I tweak recipes. Sometimes they are made up with my imagination. Here’s my first segment of recipe of the week: White Pizza (Mimics Mellow Mushroom)

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SoS: We All Have Flaws

We’re back with the second install of the SOS Segment, better known as Season of Singleness Segment. We look at some of my favorite characters in “A Different World” and talk about how their flaws can be resonated with (Single or Not).

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Thriving grad School 101 (Especially While Black)

“In grad school, you should thrive. Thrive in the areas that push you closer to whom you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to give. It won’t always be pretty, but your program should be in line with the legacy and impact you want to leave. We’re no longer just trying to survive Grad School; we’re going to THRIVE and look and feel great doing it.”

This one is for all the graduate students, new or old! We’re taking graduate school to new levels but first, I figured I give you a few keys for greatness.

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Oh to Be A Black Woman

“But, oh to be a Black Woman”. Sitting in my emotions during these crazy times. Before you email/text/instant message/ snail mail me to assess my emotional state, please read.

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SoS: Finding Who You Are in Failure

SoS: The Season of Singleness. How do we sit in this season that can be so lonely? Is there hope? Is there a future in relationships?

Join me in the journey of singleness, but first, a little information about how I came here.

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You Asked Me Who I Am, Now Don’t Discredit That.

I have seen and experienced differences amongst specified populations when it comes to minorities, but specifically Blacks. It can be intentional or unintentional when engaging in these spaces directly or indirectly.

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When Goodbye Comes Too Soon

The world cannot fathom what happened. More importantly, those families cannot fathom what happened. The world stopped when we all learned about the death of Kobe Bryant, but it stopped again when we learned who else was with him in that accident. I remember watching the 2009 and 2010 finals at home. It was pretty […]

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Six Months In…

“Growing up, I played with the idea of being a teacher”. Semester 1 of Year 1 in Teaching is almost over, here’s an update on how things are going in and outside the classroom.

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One Day. All Kids. Shake Things Up.

Changemakers. Leaders. Innovators. Risk-takers. Community Activists. Are you a changemaker ready to make your mark on the world? Are you a strong leader ready to break oppressive systematic cycles and create a better tomorrow?

Click the link to see how Teach for America’s Greater Tulsa Region is changing the world each and every day.

One Day. All Kids. We are #GreaterTogether #TFAGreaterTulsa #ApplyToday

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Summer’s Over Already?

If I had a theme song for how my life has been going so far, I would immediately choose “Knuck If You Buck” and “F.A.V.O.R” by Kirk Franklin. (How about making a mashup of the two, lol) As happy as I am to be exploring a new city as a resident, as well as connecting […]

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Dreams. Denials. Deferrals.

It’s 2 AM. You’re up again trying to make the product presentation just right. You’ve emailed your graphic designer 12 times to see if they can tweak one little thing, You’re trying to schedule a photo shoot to make sure that you give clients the best first look, but you can’t decide on a photographer. […]

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Please… Take A moment

Have you ever tried to catch your breath while running full speed? Pretty difficult, unless you have somehow mastered it. I kept running a sprint and honestly, each one kept taking my breath away until I couldn’t breathe anymore. Luckily, my exhaustion and fatigue stemmed from a constant state of hustle and not a cops […]

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COVID Check In

A pandemic is still happening. It’s still happening and I had control for a while but now, I just feel stuck. Routine tasks are difficult to complete. Procrastination is at an all time high. My mom asked me what I was doing the other day. My response: avoiding all responsibilities. It’s a very weird place […]

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