21 Days of Fasting: Days 3 through 8

We’re back. Barely.

I’m so over today. I just told my partner “Today has been one of the most weary Mondays I have experienced in a while. I just had to go sit in my car”. I don’t know what it was about today, but ya girl was on EDGE. I’m not talking about a little nuisance here or there. I really could argue with anyone today and not be mad about the outcome. Also, I had two extremely intense days of actively being seen with the most salient identities for me: 1) Being Black 2) Identifying as Female.

Y’all remember the failed coup planned at the US Capitol. I literally had my entire day thrown off by those events because if it was Black people out there, the results would NOT be the same. Additionally, the President of the United States of America spoke utter nonsense to the domestic terrorists. But you know, I minded my business on that one, especially when the staff at my job is mostly white.

And then we had Teach for America DEI session that SAME night. I get it. It was pre-planned and because I have absences towards the end of the program, I try to keep up with the more current sessions. But WHEW! Sis really spoke from the heart that night. I think for the first time in a LONG time, I voiced my concerns as a Black woman in America, especially in the face of racism, sexism and plain old hate. Truly an out of body experience for me. The next day was just more of a processing day, but honestly HOW could anyone process all that?!

Many of you may be wondering how the fasting is currently going. Well, I tried a meatless Monday all day and it was kind of like torture, so I switched to one meatless meal. I ate the chocolate that was in my house because I was in a mood. I bought a cinnamon roll that I didn’t need. I have increased my water intake by a lot and remember to take my medication and vitamins at the same time. It’s definitely changing what I actually want to eat as far as food cravings.

I finished the Bible Plan “Dangerous Prayers”. Definitely will need to re-read it to help me through the rest of 21 days of fasting. I have kept up with being still and reading and following along the 21 Days of Fasting Plan. I didn’t attend virtual service the first two Sundays of the year. I kind of feel bad, because I definitely could have made the time and space. I will be rewatching those sermons Wednesday and Saturday. Side Note: I have always wondered what it would be like not to attend church on Sunday.

I don’t have all the scriptures handy for Days 3 to 7, but Day 8’s scripture is attached to its focus word. The days are as followed:

  • Day 3: Provision
  • Day 4: God’s Will
  • Day 5: Purpose
  • Day 6: Wisdom
  • Day 7: Direction and Discernment
  • Day 8: Anchored (Genesis 1:1)

God has DEFINITELY been showing out with this words and their meaning in their life. Things that I prayed for, but also worked hard for are starting to show their place in my path. There’s so much that I could definitely discuss when it comes to me being hard-headed and stubborn to God, yet He still provided protection and covering along my path and KNEW that this would be the journey I decided upon. Remember God gives us free will. However, even when I am at my wits end with people, circumstances or situations, God has never left me and His plan always prevails. I definitely planned and He probably CACKLED at my planning, knowing that nothing would be what I thought it would.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to start the Bible plan for yourself, check it out by going to the Bible App and searching “The Sauce”. Saint- friends, please remember that the storm doesn’t last forever. Whatever you may be dealing with or going through, I pray that God give you the tools and understanding of how to pivot out of those situations. I also pray you lean in closer to Him and not the ways of the world. Leave your problems with the Savior and listen and walk in the steps that He orders for you.

Amen and Always,

Audaciously, Alexas

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