21 Days of Prayer: Day 2

I hope you found bouts of joy throughout your day. I pray that you read this post and feel inspired to live a Christ-filled life. My sharing of my thoughts during this 21 days of Prayer and Fasting are therapeutic, and today’s topic of Revival could not have come at a better time.

When the Bible plan opens for today, it directs you to “wash off your day and [have] expectation of participating in a heart to heart conversation with God”. Well, I find it hard to sometimes silence my brain, get rid of distractions and the idea of busyness. I tell myself that productivity can kill if not careful. Today was a day. Nothing spectacular, nothing extraordinary, but I am grateful to be alive and be able to live in these moments. However, when I think about being revived, I think about my vision board for this year. Some things on there include: reducing my negative net worth by 5%, saving for a home, working towards being my own boss. If you continuously think about all the things you’re trying to do, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed. Well, two things changed my day from mundane to comforting.

The first situation was actually washing my hair. Now, my mom would say it is shampooing your hair, but shampoo day is not as glamorous as wash day when you say it aloud. Today is Tuesday and in my brain, that’s mid-week. Who washes their hair mid-week?! Well, I realized just how gross my hair was and made it a point to actually spend time with my hair instead of waiting until the end of the week. Now this process can take forever; however, I was excited to see that it only took me TWO HOURS! You heard me correct. After a day of virtual teaching, it only took two hours. I now see wash day a little differently. Now, you may be like this is not really an example of being revived; however, I challenge you to think about how can the little things in our lives be revived to change our entire trajectory?

Situation Two: I received my master’s graduation pictures. Completing a degree during this pandemic is far from easy, but to add Teach For America and virtual teaching on top of homework and assignments really made the process more grueling towards the end. Honestly, if you could have heard my conversations with my friends during my last semester, there were extreme situations of overwhelming. I was so worried about completing with decent grades, just to see that the work I had put in (because we still did the work, just late) work in my favor. I can honestly tell you that was nothing BUT GOD because I surely felt as if I was going to fail one class. Receiving my pictures from my photographer (WHO IS AMAZING!), I felt revive in what I know is the Lord’s plan for me. I definitely have taken the long route in some situations, but those pictures really revived my spirit.

Today’s big three questions are:

  • What is God speaking to you today about revival
  • How will your growth in praying for revival affect those around you?
  • What areas in your life are you needing revival?

Today’s scriptures came from Psalms 85:6 and Isaiah 57:15. My examples might have been mundane to you, but they meant everything to me in those moments. God knows exactly what we need, when we need and how it should be delivered. Talk about all-knowing and loving.

My prayer for you today: I seek the Lord’s direction over your life and discernment when leaning closer into his plan for your own unique revival. The pathway to revival may not always be easy, but it’s foothills and valleys allow us moments to draw closer to Lord’s grace and mercy. May what he reveal in your heart and prayers lead you to choose him over the world.


Audaciously, Alexas

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