Oh to Be A Black Woman

Oh to be Black Woman. Our world has always been encompassed within hatred. They hate us when we’re smart, driven, or independent. Yet, they mimic the way we look and how we wear our hair. Don’t let corporate see us doing well. They’ll just send in another mediocre or under qualified white person to the job.

See, to be a Black Woman in America means that we take the sucker punches in the work place and in our community but still are somehow remaining tall and strong. I, personally don’t want to hear love from Black Men who have repeatedly compared me to a white girl and said “see, she doesn’t trip about the little things” Little things? Communication, respect and bottom line decency are not “little things”. Please gone somewhere.

At the forefront of every protest, I have seen Black Women, whether Muslim, Christian, bisexual, asexual, at the front lines supporting Black Men in all that they do. #BreonnaTaylor’s story and life was overshadowed so easily, that it makes you realize how often society skates over Black women. As a crucial part of the Black family legacy, why is it so hard for people to realize that Black Women Matter too.

I’m tired. Actually, I’m exhausted. Everyone always ask the Black Woman what can they do or say to be supportive. However, the bottom line has been more about helping Black men while leaving Black women behind. The Black Woman takes care of the family when the Father is ripped away or absent. The Black Woman is standing in the shadows creating or supplementing a game plan to push the movement forward and keep the momentum. The Black Woman is the most degreed individual in America, becoming experts in their various field. Yet, there are still suckas out in these streets acting like Black women do not do anything for the Black family, identity or legacy.

I’m mad. I’m because as a Black woman who works in a Public Schools. I am the only BLACK general education English teacher. Why is this the reality when our student population is at least 60% Black. I’m mad because in an organization, such as Teach for America, where many of the communities we work in are black and brown communities, majority of the corps identify as white. I’ve had Teach for America teachers, but luckily they were black. Every student is not that lucky.

So, please to everyone who is not Black, please stop the half-hearted what can I do. Use the internet, find credible minority resources and understand ways to be ANTI-RACIST. Stop this performative allyship. Your performance get no stars; it only hurts communities and people. And for the love of Jesus, please stop taking up the emotional space of Black people because you want to tell your story. Self-work does not need you to tell a story.

But oh to be a Black woman. I’m happy to be Black. My love for myself will never fade. I know that people are either infatuated or intimated at the fact that I know what I’m talking about or that my hair can hold many styles without the need for extensions. I know that I enjoy education and that the more I learn, the more I open a door for my Black brothers and sisters behind. I know that you can take everything I have, but I will still be rich in knowledge, strength and truth. So while y’all out here trying to figure out your privilege that I have had to negatively experienced since the day I was put on this Earth, please know that there is no back to normal. There is no business as usual. There is no routine.

Thank God for making me a Black woman, because Black women will never fold and never have. Enjoy your day, I have a business to run to support the generation of Black students, families and professionals.

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