Dear Everyone, You Need A Gut Check.

Whew. What a week. What a month. What a time to be alive. COVID-19 is terrorizing the streets and people think it is STILL bluffing. Well, parents across the globe are losing their minds because they are having to homeschool. They want us BACK in the building? Um, no. I value my health no matter how much your kids mean to me.

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I think this is how we all may feel as March comes to a close.

I think during this period of self- isolation (which I am HIGHLY enjoying), I have come to realize something: the human race needed a gut check.

Now, I meant that in the nicest way possible and I actually hope that people understand where I am coming from. I wear three very isolating hats: graduate student + teacher + gen z. With the three hats, many people have different feelings about those identities within society. What those opinions are do not necessarily matter in this spill. However, it does bring awareness to the notion that some where within these hats lies a human being.

As a human being that 99% of the time enjoys my roles, titles and responsibilities, I also know that 1% can be VERY influential in my decisions. In fact, I often choose that 1% more than people realize. I choose it when I don’t answer the email, phone call, FaceTime, or text message. I choose it when I decide to not engage in conversation or dialogue. I choose the 1% when I decide to sit in my own solitude with no other voices but God himself. Many people think that choosing the 1% is counterproductive when in actuality, it keeps me grounded and near the cross.

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it has reaffirmed that I know that no person or material can fix your struggle with solitude nor comfort you during the most challenging times. I have learned that while choosing joy is an everyday task, finding and having peace is a complete journey (I am glad to have found mine in Jesus). I have realized that the things we often worry about the most, outside of the things that support our basic human needs, become trivial in what makes our character or impact to society.

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Whoever came up with the quote, you can never fill from an empty cup was right. However, let me tell you, don’ t be toxic overflow into other people. I am happy to see people really being honest with themselves and taking the time to learn who they are as equally proud as I am to those who are being honest and not feeling guilty for not knowing what to do or how to feel. #ISeeYou.

Many people are realizing what is truly important and taking the time necessary to reinvent, recharge or reboot. Some people are working on passion projects that they normally wouldn’t be able to do or redefining what their brand or content may mean to them. Nonetheless, the world needed this reset, whether you want to admit it or not. And while we still have some people supporting individuals who do not care nor support the wellbeing of others or let experts drive the REAL narrative, I still have hope that equity within the human race will be achieved.

So my dear friends and foes, stay safe. Strictly adhere to the CDC and WHO guidelines. Pray over our people on the frontlines in health, educations and citizen safety. This season of Survivor will be over soon if we get it together NOW.

One more thing…

Since y’all now realize education is largely underfunded and teachers are underpaid, here are some things you can do.

  1. Show up when schools/teachers ask you to, or send a representative for your family.
  2. Realize parents and teachers are on the same team. I’m not your worst enemy.
  3. Your child is ultimately responsible for their education. Make sure that’s clear and always the forefront of conversations.
  4. I’m human. I may forget things. I can also be slick at the mouth. If you respect me, I respect you. Don’t try me.
  5. Hold your elected officials responsible for making sure schools get every resource they can. I vote and so should you.
  6. Complete your 2020 Census. Can’t complain if you don’t participate.
  7. Personally, I don’t have children. So do not be annoyed or mad if I ignore you after my contract time or during my contracted breaks. Your kids can be a lot. And quite frankly, you can be to.
  8. I have a life. I’m not a robot that only teaches. Provide grace, especially now because this is uncharted waters.
  9. The more present, polite and understanding you are, the easier our parent- teacher relationship will be.
  10. What you see at home with your kids is what I was dealing with I’m the classroom. I wasn’t lying 🤷🏽‍♀️. Please realize, I don’t need children friends. I’m just trying to do my job. Your support was needed then and still is now.
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