“Making More Money from Home” A Sit Down With Dominique Gardner

Give us a recap of what you do.

Recently, I partnered with other very successful entrepreneurs who have launched a huge credit repair foundation through Financial Education Services. Last year, my team did $30 million in sales, and are projected to do $50 million in sales this year.

As a Financial Literacy Influencer, my goal is to help hundreds of families increase their purchasing power, understanding budgeting and savings, and even introduce most to a will and trust within my first 6 months. Of those families, I expect to grow nationwide with referrals after the success of helping those hundreds.

What benefits do I gain from this?

If you are looking for credit repair to buy your first home or a new car with low interest rates, I am here to help. I can also help remove derogatory items from your credit report such as evictions, unpaid student loans and other delinquencies you may be unaware of. The benefit joining this program is the fact that you will be able to see your credit score when you begin, and how it increases over time as negative inquiries are removed from you credit report with very little effort required from you.

How can I make extra money?

You can also join my team and help change lives by becoming a Financial Literacy Influencer as well, and still receive the financial benefits our customers get described above. If you are passionate about financial freedom for you and your family, are coachable, and are determined, this is a great fit for you. It is not required to work full-time, although some of my teammates have quit their 9-5 and have fully invested their time in their business. I am still working my day job, yet I enjoy the extra income (especially now during COVID-19) and look forward to the freedom the company will bring me in the near future.

Is this really important and/or beneficial?

Yes! Financial literacy is not taught in the school as it should, it is my job to bridge the gap to encourage myself and others to pursue a more passionate and promising future (especially Millennials and Gen Z).

Be the change your future deserves, and ask me how I can help! And remember, it takes money to make money and the will to live up to your means requires risks. 

Jeremiah 29:11

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