When Goodbye Comes Too Soon

The world cannot fathom what happened. More importantly, those families cannot fathom what happened. The world stopped when we all learned about the death of Kobe Bryant, but it stopped again when we learned who else was with him in that accident.

I remember watching the 2009 and 2010 finals at home. It was pretty cool because I was watching black people play a game that, eventually, would grow to be my own brother’s favorite sport. But I know there was more that drew me to Kobe. Even as an AI and Rashawn McCleod (shoutout to my uncle) fan, I always liked seeing the families of basketball players. It humanized them and I found it even cooler that some of the children were my age.

Today as a teacher as hard, because I look at black and brown children and see so much of their potential to do what they want to do. Yet, I also see that they will have to go through so many barriers. Today is hard because I too mourn the loss of a great; his work ethic and drive is what inspired me most. I look at how he left a career he loved and still pursued other endeavors. What does that say to me? It’s never too late to start a new dream.

LA has to be going through it, but the first thing I think about is how the families of all the deceased are feeling, especially since today is the morning after. Taking away the success and fame, Vanessa Bryant has lost the love of her life and one of the most precious examples of what their love stood for. Some people may say that she has three others to live for, but honestly, I want her to grieve. I want society to take the target and fame off her back and realize that she lost her husband and child at one time, and even quite possibly family friends.

LA just lost Nipsey Hussle, and 10 months later, it is mourning Kobe. Will the city ever recover? I think it will. Why? Because both of these men, in their own identities, stood for something greater than themselves. Their legacies will birth another generation of greatness and advocacy, no matter in what field or focus.

Let us come together and not let the legacies of anyone of the victims fall by the wayside. While we all may grieve in our own ways, let us humanize Vanessa Bryant, her family and the many other families affected. Support and pray for her as a mother, a widow, a sister, a friend, a business woman, a philanthropist. Support and pray for all the siblings because they lost parents and siblings and expected to see them come home. Pray for people who may have be supported by these families because of their generosity and understanding. Mostly, pray for the world because this goodbye came way too soon.

#MambaOut #LegendsNeverDie #8/24

3 thoughts on “When Goodbye Comes Too Soon

    1. This is incredible. Thank you for putting your thoughts down and sharing. You gifted me a blessing as a result.


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