Baby Steps for 2020 Being Amazing

For many people, 2020 is a clear sign that plenty of manifestation and blessings will bestow upon them. While, this year signifies the END of a decade, I think it is never too late for a fresh start. (Deca means 10 — which means 1-10; therefore, this makes 20 a multiple of 10).

Here’s a few tips on how to start 2020 off roaring (get it? Roaring 20s)

  • Request your Credit Report — this sounds far from fun, yet, starting off the year knowing where you stand is very helpful when trying to make intentional goals towards financial stability and freedom. Getting your credit report from Annual Credit Report will give you all three branches at one time. I request mine the first of every year because it is easy to remember.
  • Download Credit Karma — Many people can attest that Credit Karma weekly updates allows you to really stay on top of your finances and be in the best financial health. You can the credit monitoring from your bank, but you get 2 out of three credit bureaus on Credit Karma.
  • Fold or organize one drawer/ area KonMari style — Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is one binge- worthy show on Netflix. It also inspired me to really organize my space and be intentional about the things I keep. I moved with ALOT of stuff in June, so trying to find balance and order in a 600 square ft studio apartment can be exhausting. Watching the show allowed me to really see what brought me joy and what I was just holding on too. I was also able to get more space and really feel less overwhelmed when having to find things. It is most definitely worth the watch and the time, because being able to find things with ease is one less headache.
  • Clean and detail your car — No one really thinks about this one, but we spend a lot of time using our vehicles for things. Cleaning it out with a deep vacuum makes the inside feel less junky. Getting the outside washed and waxed makes it feel like you just got it off the lot. If you don’t want to pay over $100, go to Walmart or an auto store and get car waxing materials (really inexpensive) and find a car wash where you have to spray the car yourself. In Tulsa, I spend at max $40 because sometimes, I overuse my products, but it’s cheaper than finding someone and most times, I am able to hold reuse materials for 3-4 washes.
  • Clean eat as often as possible — clean eating does start really bland, mostly because you are changing how you approach food. However, through my journey, I have found what works for my body and my regimen. If you need ideas don’t be afraid to browse through my Pinterest ( )
  • Get a journal — I am more of a planner type girl, but when I need a brain dump, I write everything down in my notebook. Currently, this notebook serves as a catch all, quick to-do list, and everything in between. I do find myself to be more calm when I am able to write things down, especially when I’m teaching (because sometimes students tap dance on the last nerve). My planner allows me to make sense of it all, so every email, text, order, etc. that I get, gets put into my planner. Fun fact: my most recent communication class taught me that writing it down is better than typing it away because of muscle memory and acute focus.
  • Pray, meditate then have a worship session — you ever have a day where one moment of vulnerability and stillness changes your entire day, attitude or mindset? Society has engrained that being booked and busy is the way to be; however, this is the antidote for healthy productivity. Taking breaks, moments or whatever you may call them is a perfect way to reevaluate and refocus. As a teacher, I have learned that having my own praise and worship in my planning periods or playing hip hop jazz during their independent practice refocuses me after a tough moment.

Well saints, I hope your 2020 starts off amazing and you manifest everything you have been working towards. Remember: small changes make big impacts. Don’t let folks rush you into something you need to take your time doing.

Happy New Year!

Audaciously, Alexas

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