Titans Get A Victory with Home- Field Advantage

TULSA, Ok. – Winds swept smoothly across students faces, while parents scanned the field with focused eyes. September 20th was the night: the first official football game at home.

With the clock trickling down to the final seconds before kickoff, the announcer bellowed the starting lineup for the Mighty Titans. The sky illuminated with scarlet-orange rays and thick, light gray skies, while cheerleaders began intoxicating the crowd with school spirit. This week was special because last week’s game against Central HS was stopped due to severe thunderstorms.

“We don’t know when or if we will play Central again this season, but this week should be a lot better” sophomore Nathaniel J. confessed. “Even though we’re playing one of the not so good schools, it’s still great to finally have a game at home on our own turf”

With eager Titan friends and fans from all over North Tulsa, the boys covered the field with maroon and silver uniforms and an unmatched excitement. The TMC Soul Marching Band of McLain and its dancers made its way to the stands and fans were out their seats bursting with joy. However, that joy would turn into frustration pretty soon.

With a scoreless first half, both teams hurried off the field while the TMC Band continued to entertain fans and visitors. Some McLain fans began to wander towards their vehicles, yet the crowd was still relatively engaged.

The Titans beat the Rogers Ropers 18-6 in regulation play, with Quarterback E. Bell having one of his lowest game stats thus far in his football career. “We were kind of playing around in the first half. We knew they weren’t the best team in the district, but the Ropers ended up scoring first. That’s when we realized that they were wanting to win this game a little bit more than we thought.” Bell scurried off the field to uplift a few of the other players he knew from Rogers before heading back to his team to celebrate their first home win.

Family members were excited but know there’s still a lot more football to be played this season. Freshman E Patrick’s mom wonders how the Titans will do the rest of the season. “This is the first time my boy has really helped the team in an impactful way. This was a good game, but we could’ve done so much better. It makes me wonder how the game against Central would have gone if it was still safe to play? We were playing one of the worst teams in the district and let them score first. I just hope they buckle down and focus.”

Alumni even graced the stands, excited about the win but even more excited about the future. “We’re hoping these boys bring back the glory to McLain. We’re all looking forward to homecoming and its festivities. Hopefully, we pull out a win too. It would really be the icing on the cake.

Homecoming for McLain is October 11th. The Titans play East Central and Booker T. Washington within the coming weeks.

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