Turning the Table with Meaningful Relationships

The day that a student masters something far greater than the teacher could ever imagine is a day of pure joy. That joy stems from what people refer to as meaningful relationships. Meaningful relationships are not just a thought, they are what drives the passion, motivation and dedication each and every time she wakes up. Jordan, affectionately known as Jo, is a sophomore at the University of Georgia and while many people see her all over campus, I was able to talk to with her over FaceTime at home. 

Jordan is from Stockbridge, GA and we met when she was still in high school visiting UGA through a prospective student program. 

“Two years ago seems like it was ages ago, but so much has changed since you first met me.” Jordan started her journey at UGA in the Science field, wanting to work with kids. However, life changed for her after joining a campus famous student organization Georgia Daze. 

“I never thought we would cross paths so often again. But I remember meeting you once at an Accepted Students Reception then coming to Georgia Daze’s prospective student weekend. You were so personable and catered to everyone’s needs. I remember looking at you and saying ‘Wow. She’s lowkey Superwoman.” However, Jordan would be one of the most influential people in a very transitional year. 

If you ask anyone on campus, Jordan has her hands in a little bit of something. It could be the arts, student recruitment, DECA or watching Transformation Church online, but Jordan was fiercely determined to make UGA one of the best experiences of her life. 

“I’m younger than most of my class and a lot of people don’t know that about me. I graduated high school a year early and I’m an only child, so my moving to Athens was a big transition for me. I knew college had lots of fun opportunities, but I also didn’t want to feel swallowed alive. “

            Jordan pauses to answer a call from the current president of Georgia Daze, a person who also played a role in her transition at UGA. “What’s funny about where I am now, it’s all God. Every major change. Every opportunity. Every new beginning. It’s all God.”

            Jordan thought she would have only spent one year at UGA; however, God changed her plans once again, and this time everything was falling into place. 

          “See starting in science seemed like the right thing to do. There’s money. But I love people, sports, education and recruiting. So, I changed my enter career path.” She switched her major twice: from International Business to Sports Management and Social Studies Education. 

            Jordan saw how Georgia Daze fit into that picture. “See, freshman year me was grateful to have someone like you and Mikayla and Tori and other people around to help guide me through the mountain tops and trenches. It was a rough year, but Georgia Daze always felt like home and I wanted to follow in people’s footsteps who really made the difference here at Georgia.”

            Georgia Daze was losing its longtime advisor to retirement, while facing a large percentage of new executive board members and organization responsibilities. Nonetheless, Jordan knew this is the place where she needed to be. Between meeting new students at the annual Prospective Student Weekends and being able to participate in historical events like the Holmes- Hunter Lecture, Jordan knew her future had a solid foundation. 

            “I remember crying in my executive board interview when they asked me who is my role model. I cried because I never really thought about how true it was to me until that very moment. Most people would say their mom or like a famous person, but I chose you because you have always been authentic. Never been one to sugarcoat the facts but have always been supportive and genuine in everything you do. Not many people keep it real. You will straight up tell someone ‘This is stressing me out. I need to get away from this for all of our sanities’ and that’s real. Sometimes you have to step away and reevaluate. I think that has been one of the biggest things you have taught me, even with all you had going on.”

            But Jordan has an effortlessness of her own. During my own time at the University of Georgia, I was able observe what was upcoming for Georgia Daze, specifically who would be taking over. Being apart of the organization from the beginning of my collegiate journey is a honor and privilege that is so indescribable. Being able to touch of the lives of people like Jordan makes the hard days a bit more bearable. 

            Jordan is far from afraid to take on a new challenge, and she vocalizes when she needs the support. Something I was never used to doing. Jordan’s life is embedded into one thing – meaningful relationships. See these things are far from the superficial talk about work and the surface level family drama.

There are tears, stress, uncertainty and most of all triumph. 

            That is what I am most in awe of. Jordan has the ability to freely submerge herself into meaningful relationships and can redefine those relationships if things are to ever go downhill. While she talked about how much she was inspired by me, I was in awe of her, her growth and the person she will and is for others.  

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