Every Millennial’s Must Have Apartment List

I’ve finally gotten settled into my apartment and life is going is so well thus far. Whether you’re getting your first apartment in a new city or changing apartments in a college town, here’s a list of things that make living on your own (or with roommates) so much easier (and not break the bank!)

** If you click the actual name on some, it goes DIRECTLY to where I bought the items from. **

    Toaster Oven

Everyone loves food instantly but the big oven is far from instant. One thing that I never thought I would love is my toaster oven, but I tend to use it more than I use the microwave and big oven combined.

My first toaster oven was on the lower side of quality, but with my recent move, I’ve decided that quality means accepting a higher price tag. But Target, Walmart, and TJMaxx were a girl’s best friend.

My toaster oven now is digital meaning that the turning of the job ensures that it’s on the correct time and temperature (no more squinting or guessing). It’s also a larger capacity model, which means a small rotisserie chicken can fit.

Swiffer WetJet got themselves beat with this one. The Bona Mop itself is like $15 at Walmart (the most basic one). What I like is that I don’t have to keep buying pads for the mop because the pad reusable and washable. (You can buy a second one but that one is on you).

The Bona Floor Mop also has floor treatments for different types of floors. I bought the huge refill bottle for other types of hard surfaces and then just poured it in an empty spray bottle that I already had. It did its job, dried fast and didn’t have any weird smells.

I love to eat but I also hate having to use one million different types of pots and pans to cook a meal. The crockpot has saved me plenty of times when meal prepping or just cooking in general (when I’m not starving).

Pinterest is a great start for a lot of different meals that last about a week or so. I’ve also found that some of my appetizers can be made in the crockpot, which saves money on the eating out bill.

Crockpots come in so many sizes and can be found literally anywhere.

Living by myself, I have learned that I don’t need a whole blender because it takes too much to clean, as well as, makes WAY too much for little ole me. I have had a NutriBullet before (and burned the motor out), but the Ninja is off rip my favorite. The Ninja has an IQ button that gauges what is in the cup and blends it to the best of its ability. The base is slender, and doesn’t take up too much space, so its perfect for any size apartment or space.

I hate boiling water, especially for a quick cup of tea. Instead of boiling an entire glass measuring cup (which I have broken before), you literally pour the water in at whatever temp, and turn the switch on and it will turn blue. When my kettle has reached optimal temperature, the switch turns itself off and goes back to white. So much time saved. So much less to clean and I don’t have to burn my hand in the process.

These bags LITERALLY are such life savers. Instead of consistently buying plastic bags, I just bought enough that would last me two weeks (14 days) of meal prep. Amazon has a lot of them in sets, but if you want to see the sizes up close and personal, go to Target. Target only has the sandwich and snack bags, but it’s good to know what you’re getting into. The bags are also washable (not in the dishwasher) so it’s really quick and easy.

If you hate ironing clothes or you need a quick straightening of clothes, a quick steam is just what you are looking for. This steamer has saved many outfits from being extra wrinkled in events. I still use an iron because it does a whole lot better, but for those hard to reach places, quick outfit needs or the iron just won’t do, a steamer is the best thing you can have.

If there are not a lot of outlets near your bed, or just too far to be in a comfortable reach, this literally changed my life. The great thing is you don’t always need the block, but if you have more recent apple products, you might have to get an adapter (such as the USB-C cords). Either way, the USB ports usually light up red or green. Red is charging while green is charged. It also helps you save some energy to know when to take it off the charger.

If you don’t like a a lot of cords, then this one is for you. Most stands make you still have the Apple Watch charger, but the phone and AirPods already have ports. You won’t have to remember to plug anything with a cord in and it makes those extremely tiring days so much easier.

I’m all about cutting cost when I can, and these most definitely have done the trick! Whether it’s regular muffins or egg muffins, these bad boys keep the pan as clean as possible. 24 in the pack with six different colors makes it so much easier to dedicate what cups go to what recipe.

There’s so much more you may possible want, but these things have been very beneficial for the young adult in me.

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