Insight: Kenneth Duncan

It’s officially fall which means its time for another Insight

Kenneth Duncan of Right Before Magazine


Three words about Kenneth: traveler, practical, loving

So I’ve known Kenneth since I was in about middle school through the AAU Basketball Circuit. What I didn’t know is that he would be a constant figure in my life.

Who is Kenneth Duncan

Kenneth is probably the funniest person I know, but he is also someone who inspires me as well. He’s had many business ventures and will tell you that a lot of them failed. But, it didn’t stop him. Right Before Magazine was founded in 2016 and has done some pretty great things. Just to give some more context about his business, Right Before Magazine (RBM) is a business and inspiration magazine that focuses on the grit and hard work of individuals wanting to succeed.

RBM has given out travel scholarships to minority women at UGA (Kenneth’s alma mater), hosted “Shark Tank @ UGA” for upcoming business owners, and is in the works to help students with SAT prep.

But Kenneth also works a full- time job, is apart of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, works out and still makes time for his siblings and friends.

How does he do it all? If you ask me, he doesn’t sleep. But in all actuality, Kenneth asks for help when he needs it.

“Shark Tank @ UGA” has partnered with UGA’s Chapter of National Association of Black Accountants and Georgia Daze Minority Recruitment and the members of the executive board have helped in the planning stages. RBM’s “Phenomenal Woman” scholarship has a committee to help with the applications. He also works a lot with the Zeta Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc (his neos got neos got neos- in other words, he’s old lol).

Why everyone needs a Kenneth

Kenneth is known to either bounce an idea off of me or just check in, but he also makes sure that when he visits Athens, he sees me as well. Why is that important? Kenneth keeps the brother-sister bond we have solid. He never treated me like a little kid and always said: “you’re an adult” in some shape or form. Plus, when I entered college, he made sure I knew the ins and outs of UGA so that I wouldn’t struggle too much. Every once in a while a meal came in conjunction with a visit, but to me, it’s more the effort that counts.

He keeps it real with me and keeps me humble. Sometimes you need a reality check. But he also lets me know that no matter what I do, I’ve got it handled. Kenneth pushed me out my “comfort zone” even though he always says I’m an open book.

But I didn’t know I needed a Kenneth in my life. I always reeavulate my circle, but I always have a moment and ask myself: What would Kenneth do? Sometimes it’s more of a “hey, everything’s a hot mess. Help me fix it”

He’s been a brother, friend, mentor and life-saver. 

You can learn more about RBM at and follow its social media at @rightbeforemag

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