College Declassified: So Close Yet So Far

We’ve tackled packing. We’ve tackled decorations. But with an average of 21 days left until Fall 2018 move-in, I figured it was time to get real. We’re so close, yet so far away.

Depending on the student, some parents may be ready to move them in their dorms, while others may still be trying to squeeze in every minute. I fluctuated between the two. Most students have gone to Orientation and have figured out their class schedule (Parents: ask your student to look over their schedule. You might save them from a disaster.) But everyone’s reality is about to change. There will be no more yelling from downstairs to get up or the breakfast already made. Laundry is its own beast, while the balance between social life and academics may add a little pressure to students.

It’s okay to be nervous. This is really for everyone.

Parents: whether it’s your first child or your last child, them leaving the nest doesn’t change the fact that you will miss them. Go out to dinner or movie. Do something new. Prep little notes or care package ideas to send throughout the school year. Sometimes as students, we don’t worry you guys so even a little spontaneous text with an “I love you” might brighten your student’s day.


Students: It’s actually okay to be sad about leaving your closest childhood friends. They’ve been there through some awkward times. Your schedules will get busy, but it’s okay. Just check in sometimes and make sure you always get together on or around breaks. Sometimes it provides a sense of comfort knowing that they still mean so much to you.

Change can be good, but know that college has change coming from every direction. As much as I tell students to get involved, the reality is that sometimes you need that first year to get set academically and that’s okay. Your study habits become different as well as your sleep schedule. Prioritize your priorities. If you know you struggle in math or writing, make sure your schedule has tutoring appointments built within your schedule. Your new friends should understand that you have academic goals to accomplish and if they don’t, DROP!

PARENTS: don’t freak out if you haven’t talked to your child every 24 hrs of the day. They’re trying to adjust and so are you, but let them catch their footing first. Good milestones to contact them? Sundays. The first day of class. The end of the school week. Right before major school breaks. My mom and godmom said Sundays were the days I should contact them because they knew I made it through the weekend. I promise as they get older, they’ll call more often. I think I talk to my mom or even send funny text messages at least 5 times a week.


Have siblings? Well, the picture above happens to be me and my cousins and siblings (minus one), but my point is: talk to them. They actually have feelings and emotions, even if they were anything like my brother and wanted to act like they didn’t. Now, I naturally talk to both of sisters more than my brother, but I just kind of learned their schedules and figured what worked for me. (Plus, my sisters and I will gossip. My brother would just ignore all of that LOL).

I also encourage you to talk to grandparents too! They will probably not remember half the stuff you’re doing but ain’t nothing like a good “I Love You” from grandma.

Make time for you village too! You didn’t make it this far without them and I promise they love to make sure that you’re doing okay. Funny story: since it was a group of us that go to UGA, I ended up being the designated phone call from our village because they knew I would answer the phone. But, you are apart of their heart and when it seems like your parents are out in the world living their best life without you, everyone will still ask how you’re enjoying college. I follow the majority of my village on Facebook, some Instagram and Twitter. Even though I won’t call everyone, the occasional picture uploads or status updates help. Plus: who gases you more than your grandma or mom on Facebook? (Mine will talk about the tomfoolery I did too, but oh well)


Just remember: you’ll be in your own little world at your respective university. Make sure you cherish the people who have helped you get this far. A simple “hey” can go a long way for some, while others may actually come to feed you (Shoutout to Momma Erica). You are so close to a whole new world full of new challenges and memories, but don’t rush it because let’s face it: adulting sucks.

Happy Sunday. Another post will be up in a couple of days.

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