College Declassified: Packing Part 2

So, we’ve tackled what to buy and where to buy it. Now, we’re going to tackle Clothing.

Now, I thought my parents were basically giving me an eviction notice when I was moving to UGA, but in real life, I couldn’t hold everything I had accumulated over 18 years in my college dorm room. There are some things you can hold off on and some things that you would never think you might need.

Necessities for college clothing

  • A full black suit
  • A full blue suit
  • 4 options for business casual bottoms
  • 4 options for business casual tops
  • 2 white button down shirt
  • A blue long sleeve button down
  • Button down shirt (color of your choice)
  • Black dress shoes
  • Brown dress shoes
  • 3 pairs of jeans (1 dark, 1 light, 1 of your choice. NO HOLES!)
  • Athletic/ workout clothes
  • 2 pairs of tennis shoes
  • 1 pair of rain boots
  • Multiple V-neck/ Crew Neck T-shirts
  • Some lounging clothes
  • Reasonable Pajamas

If your campus is anything like UGA, there will be plenty of t shirts from organizations and RA programs. Collect as many as possible for lounging or working out.

I always tell students to bring business professional or casual clothes because you never know when you might need them. Also, with those clothing options, listen to your parents/ grandparents/mentors. The business world might be evolving but I promise business professional clothing will always be appreciated and valued. When it comes to business casual, ask before you buy. You never want to be inappropriate in an interview, workshops or conference.

You can bring really whatever you want. The list I provided is a lit I have that will help you switch between multiple events when dealing with important events. It’s better to be overdressed than under-dressed.

My favorite places:

  • JCPenny
  • Old Navy
  • Land’s End
  • Target (sometimes)

Consignment stores usually have great options for low-prices.

LADIES! If you’re going to wear a skirt or heels, make sure they are appropriate. Your skirt should sit at your knees or a little below. You heels should be 2 inches or less. No slits in the skirt. Closed toe is ALWAYS  appropriate.

Get correctly sized before you leave for college. It will come in handy at some point. Also, go through your closet. Look at what clothes you have. Sell or donate clothes and shoes that are too little. (Try them on!) Throw away clothes with holes in them. This is the perfect time to de-clutter your clothing. (Especially if your parents kick you out your room)

For storage options, get the trunks or storage containers from Walmart (my dad loves Lowes/Home Depot, I don’t). The trunks are around $22 and I have two right now in two colors. My black one has all my winter sweaters/ sweatshirts. My teal one has my shoes My mom bought me a square trunk (basically the old school trunk, but it’s a cube) and that holds every T-shirt I own (not my nice Crew Necks).

Be prepared for the weather in your region. Monogram/ label all of your things so that you can distinguish your things from others.

This is all I have for packing. The next topic will be about some do’s and don’ts of college or I might think of a part 3 for packing.

Happy Friday Eve!

Have suggestions? Go to the ‘Let’s Talk” tab and send me a message!

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