Insight: Cierra Thompson

It’s Summer in Athens, so this season’s insight:

Cierra Thompson of June & July Productions and June’s Academy of Ballet.


Three words about Cierra Thompson: superwoman, lover, positive.

Cierra is the Co-Founder of June & July Productions, a company that specializes in Production and Event Management. JJP does more for all of its clients and participants by helping with self-confidence and self-love through every aspect of the process. She also just launched a subset of JJP: Junee’s Academy of Ballet. This subset will teach young girls not only ballet technique but will teach grace, poise, confidence, and creativity.

June Academy of Ballet will host classes on Saturday’s from 11-1 at the Barre Scene Buckhead (325 E Paces Ferry Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30305)

What Cierra means to me?

I first met Cierra as the Pageant Coordinator for the Zeta Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.’s Miss Black and Gold Pageant. I had never done a pageant so I was pretty quiet because I was nervous. But Cierra quickly brought me out of my shell.

Between the late practices, finals, work, and Georgia Daze: I felt like something had to give. But Cierra pushed me out of the “I can’t do it” and pushed me to say “I need help”.

She is such a beacon of positivity that it sometimes you wonder how she does it all. But we all had our trials and tribulations during our time together,. However, the positivity and support from Cierra never faded, even if she was all the way in Atlanta.

Cierra showed me that no matter the odds, I can always come out on top. She also taught me that I can be about my business, but also do what I love and love others wholeheartedly. Being a graduate of the University of Georgia is nice, but being a woman who identifies as African-American at the University of Georgia is a true honor of distinction.

She’s one of my personal superwomen: strong, resilient, genuine, and full of love. I didn’t know I needed someone like Cierra until she came into my life. But that’s how God gets you. He sends people and breaks down everything you’ve ever known to rebuild it.

So to June’s Insight, Ms. Cierra Thompson: your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Your love is highly appreciated. You will always be a positive role in my eyes.

You can follow Cierra at @lettheworldcie

You can follow JJP and June’s Academy of Ballet at @jj3productions  and

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