PsuedoAnti-Social with A Case of FOMO

FOMO: fear of missing out.

They say that college is the best years of your life and to enjoy every minute of it. But what they don’t tell you is how much money you spend on going to parties, eating out, buying cute outfit and all that jazz.

My freshman year, first semester, I stayed to myself. I was involved in one organization, and went to interest meetings for others just to see what I liked. I came in terrified that my grades would be completely trash if I went out to just one thing. But homecoming happened, and it changed my college career forever.

Now, let’s be real. My journey here at UGA hasn’t been a pretty one. Second semester freshman year: 2.63 GPA. First semester sophomore year: 2.0. Overall GPA at this point 2.9. Now, most people wouldn’t tell you these things because they always want to keep their public face intact. Well, I’m here to let you know that failure is real. Very real. My parents even told me they would bring me home.

But I buckled down. I busted my butt and almost wanted to give up doing it. This whole time, my WORK ETHIC is what made the difference. I’m smart. No doubt about it, but I wasn’t applying myself. Call it burnout or whatever, but applying myself in and out of the classroom to do better was the biggest difference. That included sacrificing a social life at some points to make sure my academics were in order. My scheduling became even more precise.

(Want to see how I organized my semester? Click the document: Alexas-F17)

I have goals for my physical and mental health, my academics and preparing for my desired career. So it was time to get serious.

  • I began meal prep. So Sunday mornings or afternoons are strictly for making 10-14 meals for dinner and preparing snacks for the week.
  • I always try to go to bed at the same time every night. Between 10:30 and 11:00 PM is when I start winding down and I am sleep by midnight. I will be quick to tell someone that I have a bed time for myself because 1) it keeps me consistent 2) it keeps me feeling refreshed 3) I just want to go to sleep.
  • I always go to the gym, even if it’s just during the week. I pay for a fitness class because I work better when someone tells me what I need to achieve. I run or do Nike Workouts (the app is amazing!) when I don’t do classes.
  • I maximize my down time. I’m a desk assistant for University Housing, so I make sure I take homework/ assignment that I know can get done at work.
  • I make sure that my organization has set meeting times and try not to call to many impromptu meetings. We’re all students running an University organization, so giving them a schedule ahead of time that works with their classes helps alot with planning.
  • I take a nap. Every day. Faithfully (my friends tell me I have the sleep schedule of a toddler). But, 60-90 minutes helps with my productivity. With early morning classes and the gym, it is real easy to get fatigued. So you might as well take some time to relax!
  • Saturday mornings is all for cleaning. I brought back the black household tradition of getting up and cleaning up. It actually helps to know that everything is clean before the week even starts and gets hectic.
  • Saturday nights. I spend time either with my bestfriend/ roommate, boyfriend or other friends. I take about two to three hours to not worry about anything work or school related. But if nothing is planned, I get ahead on readings and homework for the upcoming week.

So, that may seem like I never do my school work done but here’s the hour/minute breakdown.

  • 24 hrs * 7 days a week = 168 hours
    • 2.5 hours to cook on Sunday –> 165.5 hours left
    • 1.5 hours to nap * 5 days a week = 7.5 hours –> 158 hours left
    • 2 hours to clean on Saturday –> 156 hours left
    • Work up to 14 hours a week –> 142 hours left
    • 1 hour gym * 5 days a week –> 137 hours left
    • 6 hours of sleep * 7 days a week = 42 hours –> 95 hours left
    • Organization stuff is 3 hours at max a week –> 92 hours left
    • Three hours to chill out –> 89 hours left
  • That’s 12 hours every day for homework. 12.71 hours. Half a day and some change. literally
    • Now some of this stuff doesn’t happen every week so more hours can be added in a single week.

This schedule is partly the reason why I consider my psuedo-antisocial. Because if it doesn’t fit then, I don’t have time.

But being so schedule based has caused FOMO to happen. You think you’re missing something. You think people will forget about you. You think that you will developmentally miss something (my major tends to creep up on me sometimes). But in all honestly, people recognize me for the work I put in NOT involving parties. People always say hey to me when they see me, and they know who I am and what I represent, but in all honestly, I look forward to being in bed half the time I go to a party.

So why waste my maintenance resources (time + energy + money) [look at my future degree at work] on something that on makes me want to go home?

I like people, but more close, interpersonal relationships. I like to have fun, but more along the the lines of brunch at new places and seeing new movies with close friends. I like meeting others, but I don’t want to have to pay $5 to stand in a overly packed venue.

FOMO does hit me every once in a while, but my pseudo- antisocial nature will take the driver’s seat in my life.

Update on my GPA: I have a 3.12 and my parents don’t tell me they are going to pull me out of UGA and go back to Atlanta.

One thought on “PsuedoAnti-Social with A Case of FOMO

  1. That’s a lot of personal growth, reflection and truth. Glad you recognized what was holding you back. As well as came up with a solution to the reason for the pitfalls instead of just offering up an excuse. I believe in you and I know you will be great. Continue to use your time wisely and make good decisions. The party never stops so there will always be a time for it. There is a time and place for everything and it seems like you have a good plan in place.


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