Forever My Angels

They say that high powered emotions only last for 10-20 minutes and anything after that is self- inflicted. But, they don’t know the pain that I feel. They say that dreaming helps ease painful memories, but I don’t want to sleep because it makes it too real.

You supported me, even when I was over 50 miles away.

You loved me, just like I was one of your own.

You disciplined me because you wanted me to be able to stand up for what I believed in.

You believed in my dreams, because you could see how much of an impact I could make

You stood behind me, even when I didn’t know it.

To me, you two were the best aunties I could have ever asked for.

From loving on me every time you saw me to making sure that I was doing what I was supposed to here in Athens.

My heart broke twice.

Auntie La and Auntie Nakisha,

You two were the definition of strong women.

You never let your circumstances stop you from being a bright light in this very dark world.

You always showed me that its better to love than hate.

You made sure I understood that as a black woman, the fight will be twice as hard but the benefits and blessings will be abundant

You taught me that family is does not just boil down to blood

Family is the people that support you and love you no matter the situation.

You supported me through middle and high school and my first two years of undergrad

Your guidance is what helped me realized how I want to change the world around me

Your devotion for family was comfort on the rough days

Your passion to build others up is what pushed me to follow in your footsteps

Your example of compassion, intelligence, grace and poise is what I aspire to do day in and day out

As hard as it was for me to write this, I knew that this was the only way I would be able to get all my emotions out.

Thank you for being apart of my world.

Thank you for being the aunties that always tried to get me out of trouble

Thank you for showing me to live my life for me

Thank you for showing me to love with no reservations

Thank you for being you.

I know that you two are hugging each other because you are finally together again.

Please watch over me and keep me guarded.

I always have and I always will love you.

Your Precious Baby and Niece


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